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About Hannah Atkins Latty

Hannah Atkins-Latty has been writing music, performing and worship leading for over 20 years. She leads people into an encounter with God, following the Holy Spirit, bringing them into an intimate place with their Creator. Her favourite thing in life is facilitating encounters with Jesus!

Hannah has led in many different settings including performing her own material in bars, clubs, hotels and festivals. She is currently the Ministry Director at Ashburnham Place where she oversees the worship, prayer ministry and Catalyst year out programme within the community.

Hannah has always LOVED watching Jesus heal people through her music in various settings…from night clubs to church services! Hannah leads worship by drawing people into the presence of God whether they are singing with her, or just listening. For Hannah, leading worship has always included encouraging others into practically serving those on the margins.  She’s always been a passionate advocate for serving practically as well as through music alone! Most of Hannah’s working life has been spent working in creative arts and social justice advocacy, with involvement in some great charities across the nation.  She’s welcomed others to live in family with them over the years, including refugees and asylum seekers and more recently by adopting a third child. Hannah has also worked extensively alongside people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

Hannah has released 4 albums and is excited to release her 5th:‘Presence’ LIVE with Epiphany.

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